Emboss manufactures panels with multiple three-dimensional surfaces that appear “sculptured” and create ever-changing lights and shadows, depending on the point from which they are seen.

Emboss sculptured surfaces are the result of a unique manufacturing process: each model is carefully designed and mechanically reproduced with a plastic deformation system that combines craftsmanship and industrialization of the product.

We offer different patterns in our catalog, besides the possibility to customize them to give even more exclusivity and originality to the project.

The innovative three-dimensional decorations allow architects and designers to give a deeper identity to their works.

The Emboss process offers a wide range of opportunities: it is possible to process solid sheets, perforated sheets or expanded sheets in aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, titanium zinc, brass and copper.

Emboss sculptured surfaces represent a refined solution for architecture and interior design.

The panels can be used to clad new constructions as well as to restyle existing buildings. They are used especially for the creation of ventilated facades.

The panels are also used for fences, shielding of technical elements, blinds, railings, decoration of architectural elements, false ceilings, wall coverings.

The Emboss Technical Office offers individual expertise on the characteristics of the products and technical assistance on their installation and assembly.


Sculptured Surfaces for architecture